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Welcome to the Sustainable Vegan Podcast. RoseRenee has created this podcast so you can get to know her on a personal level and every now and then share some more tips on how to become a more sustainable person. Also surprise cook w/ me sessions coming soon!

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Latest Podcast!!

My Open Relationship


12-18-2020 RoseRenee opens up about her failed open relationship.

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Friends with Benefits vs Open Relationships


12-27-2020 RoseRenee discusses the difference between Friends w/ Benefits & Open Relationships. She also touches on sexual energy exchange.

More info check out: lordyogkage

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Make Love To Your Life


01-21-20 Author of "Make Love To Your Life" joins RoseRenee to talk about his latest e-book. Find out how you can use your sexual energy to make love to your life.


For more information check out his website by clicking here.

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Formally Know As...


01-03-21 New Year; New Brand. RoseRenee, formally known as The Boujie Vegan talks about how she had to rebrand quick, fast, and in a hurry due to some legal issues!

Men Stay Harassing


01-21-21 RoseRenee talks about how she was violated while grocery shopping. This podcast is to inform others in the Baltimore, MD area and to possibly start up a conversation. Harassment is not okay; respect boundaries! In no way is this an attack on me, it just so happens that a man harrassed me.

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01-05-2021 Dating Vegans...Is it required?

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