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The Sustainable Vegan


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Meet The Sustainable Vegan

Tamara Jenkins is a holistic Health & Wellness Coach and a newly published author of “The Sustainable Vegan Cookbook: A plant-based lifestyle guide to live your best life”. Tamara is also the founder of The Sustainable Vegan LLC where she strives to spread the message that a sustainable lifestyle is achievable for anyone no matter their situation or lifestyle that they’re looking to achieve. She understands the hardships that people may face and coming from her past of dealing with domestic violence, leaving her fiancé when she became so dependent, and the many occasions of sexism…etc she believes if she can overcome it then she can definitely help others.


Tamara hopes for a culture where individuals are able to thrive and live a healthy life. Her future plans are to share more information to help others in as many was as possible. If you’re interested in more of her work then be sure to join the mailing list and/or follow her social media accounts.

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